Ian Graham and I have worked together for many years, starting back in our formative days on the insane production of Invader Zim. He was a storyboard artist on all three seasons of Avatar, then he came back as storyboard supervisor on Book 1 of Korra, and now he is a director on Book 2. Here are some shots from the animatic meeting of one of his episodes, along with some of his storyboard panels. He and I share a big passion for Gainax, as evidenced by his Gurren Lagann shirt. Ian is an incredibly hard worker, known for rolling into the studio at 4:00 AM on a regular basis. He’s a big part of our animation family. You can check out lots of great work from his career on his DeviantArt page here.

bryan konietzko: –Wow! Thanks, everybody! I’m really glad you like the art.–Ha ha,...


–Wow! Thanks, everybody! I’m really glad you like the art.

–Ha ha, some people just see what they want to see, I guess. Korra is not wearing Mako’s scarf, nor his jacket. Look more closely at her costume, and Mako’s.

–The finale on June 23 is the Book 1 finale (episodes 111 & 112). But first,…

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